How to prepare for JEE Main & JEE Advanced Exam

JEE main & JEE Advanced Preparation Guide

Now few days are left CBSE going to conduct the exam of JEE Main and JEE Advanced examination 2013. Now everyone who want to take admission in the NIT s, IIT they need to conduct these examinations. Now question is how to prepare for JEE main & JEE advanced Exam within few days.

Well only few days are left, the examination will be conducted on 7th April 2013 as offline and 8th April to 25th April 2013 online exam. So now candidates require to concentration on the multiple choice questions. In the examination only MCQ questions are asked. Following is the best method to prepare for the examination.

  1. Always study at the morning time and finish at least one chapter of every subject.
  2. If you have any problem related to your subject or question try to watch video related to that topic or search it on Google.
  3. In every book objective questions are given, if you have no special books for the jee main and jee advanced preparation try to solve that questions(given at the end of every chapter)
  4. Divide the time into three times like in a day (6am to 11 pm mathematics, 11pm to 12pm rest, 12:00pm to 5:00 pm Physics, 5:00 to 6:00pm rest and 6:00pm to 11 pm chemistry) you will definately crack the JEE main and JEE advanced Examination. And manage it on your own way like first mathematics, chemistry, physics, drawing etc.
  5. Never hear songs while study.

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How to attempt JEE Main and JEE advanced Exam.

There are few things which are kept in mind while attempting the examination.

  1. Be fresh while going for exam and never forget to take the admit card, pen, pencil and other material and mobile phones are restricted.
  2. Note that in this examination have ¼ negative marking. So try to avoid questions about which you are not sure.
  3. The duration of JEE main and JEE Advanced exam is 180 minutes. So try to divide the timing for three portions like (I will finish mathematics in 60 minutes and 60-60 for physics and chemistry)
  4. Always try to solve first chemistry because it takes less time to solve questions and try to give more time to mathematics.
  5. If you have confusion about any question try to skip it and try it at last.
Download sample papers for aieee subject wise with syllabus:

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  1. i have only 25days for jee i m in confusing what should i do!
    which refrence book i take!
    i think to solve H.C.Verma last 25question of each it correct way!

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